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Privacy Policy

Information on the processing of personal data pursuant to arts. 13 and 14 of the EU GDPR 679/2016 ("GDPR")

The EU GDPR 679/2016 aims to ensure that the processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the dignity of the data subject with particular reference to privacy and personal identity and the right to data protection. Pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR, AL LAGO SNC (as Owner and Person in charge of personal data protection) provides this information to describe the processing of personal data collected by the site currently available at the URL ("Site"). It also provides the purposes and methods of processing and security measures taken to ensure confidentiality in full compliance with the applicable law. In general, the Company processes personal data when users browse the Site, send requests via e-mail and when requests are sent by the site from the "Contact" area. In some sections of the Site, the User can enter the data of the Customer who placed the order by filling in their name on their behalf and filling in the form containing the fields regarding personal data. The Data of the User and of the Customer will be used by the Owner exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the request sent on behalf of the Customer and / or the User.

1. Data Controller

AL LAGO SNC, with registered office in Cares, 38071 Comano Terme (TN - Italy) is the owner and responsible for the processing of personal data.

2. Type of data processed

AL LAGO SNC can collect the following types of data: 2.1 Requests related to the services offered in the CONTACT section: When filling the online contact forms available in the site Contact section, the User and / or the Customer will be asked to provide some personal data, such as e.g., name, surname, email address, telephone number. These data are necessary in order to respond to the specific request of the User and / or the Customer, who, depending on the message indicated in the contact form, can have any of the following subjects: - request for a quote or an appointment; - information on the delivery, maintenance and care of the purchased products and / or, in general, information on the products purchased at the points of sale; - information on promotions at the points of sale and on products; - suggestions to improve the site; Failure or incorrect indication of the data to be indicated on the contact form prevents the Owner from giving feedback to the request forwarded. On the other hand, providing data in fields which are not marked by an asterisk, even if useful to facilitate the relations with the owner, is optional. Failure to provide information does not affect the response to the request of the User and / or Customer. 2.1 Navigation data The computer systems and software procedures used to operate the Site acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols. Such information is not collected to be associated with identified individuals, but by its very nature could allow users to be identified. This category of data includes the IP addresses or the computer domain names used by the users connecting to the Site, the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) addresses of the requested resources, the request time, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the response status given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and the user's computer environment. These data are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the Site and os checking its correct functioning. These data are deleted immediately after processing.  2.5 Cookies Cookies collect information including data that may potentially allow the identification of an interested party. For the processing of data through cookies, please read the related policy.

3. Method of data collection

The data are collected directly by the interested parties when they browse the Website, send emails or communications to AL LAGO SNC through the contact section ("Contact Section").

4. Purpose and legal basis of data processing is the retention period

4.1. To respond to requests received through the communication channels published on the Website ("Contact" section). The legal basis of this treatment is the legitimate interest of AL LAGO SNC to communicate with the public and and answer requests from potential customers, suppliers and other interested parties. The retention time of such data is equal to the time necessary to process the request. This retention period may be longer if the subject concerned is the subject of another specific treatment. The legal basis for this treatment is carrying out pre-contractual obligations. 4.2. To allow the Customer to contact the Data Controller after the purchase of a product ("Contact" section). The legal basis of this treatment is the legitimate interest of AL LAGO SNC to communicate with the public and to meet and respond to customer requests in the after sales phase (for example, to follow the process of delivering orders during processing, requesting information and assistance). The retention time of this data is 10 years. The legal basis for this treatment is carrying out contractual obligations. 4.4. To prevent or control illegal conduct or to protect and assert rights. For example, AL LAGO SNC could use the data of the interested parties to prevent offenses or violations of intellectual / industrial property rights (including third parties) or cyber crimes or crimes committed through telematic networks. The legal basis of this treatment is the legitimate interest of AL LAGO SNC as data controller. The data retention period is equal to the time reasonably necessary to assert the rights of AL LAGO SNC from the time when AL LAGO SNC become aware of the actual or possible wrongdoing. With regard to the aforementioned purposes, the processing of personal data takes place using manual, computerized and telematic tools with the aim of carrying out the aforementioned specific goals, and, in any case, of guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the data in compliance with the law.

5. The rights of the interested party.

The User and the Customer can contact AL LAGO SNC to exercise the rights referred to in articles 15 and following of the GDPR and, in particular, request access to their personal data, know the existence of their data, request rectification, cancellation or limitation of treatment, oppose the processing and request the portability of their data. The User and the Customer may also revoke the consent at any time (this will not affect the lawfulness of the treatment based on the consent given prior to the revocation). When exercising the right of access, the User and the Customer can request information on who handles their data, for what purposes and for how long, with whom the data are shared and if they are transferred to third countries, and may also request not to be subjected to automated treatments such as profiling. The User and the Customer have the right to file a complaint with the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data and to ask the Data Controller, at any time, information about the data controllers and the subjects authorized by the Data Controller to process data. The User and the Customer can exercise their rights by contacting AL LAGO SNC (at the addresses indicated above).

6. Where data is processed - Data transfer

The Data are processed at the operational headquarters of the Data Controller and in any other place where the parties involved in the processing are located. The data being processed are stored at AL LAGO SNC in Italy. The data may also be stored in the European Union by suppliers of AL LAGO SNC to which the data are transmitted on the basis of the signing of contracts pursuant to art. 28 GDPR with standard contractual clauses in accordance with the decision of the European Commission relating to the protection clauses or by virtue of an adequacy decision by the European Commission on the level of data protection (Privacy Shield).

7. Sharing data - recipients of data

Data can be shared: - with internal divisions: in accordance with theAL LAGO SNC policy the data may be communicated by AL LAGO SNC from one division to another; - with subjects who may become aware of it, as "Data Processors" to whom the Controller entrusts certain processing activities related to the purposes described in paragraph 4 above (eg transporters, freight forwarders, consultants, companies responsible for sending communications, to verify customer satisfaction, to carry out surveys, etc.); - with service providers: AL LAGO SNC uses third-party services (cloud, content management system, analysis, hosting, navigation functionality) that operate as data controllers according to agreements in compliance with art. 28 GDPR. When these providers operate from a third country, they do so on the basis of standard contractual clauses in accordance with the European Commission's decision regarding protection clauses or by virtue of a decision by the European Commission on the level of data protection (Privacy Shield) . These subjects acquire only the personal data necessary for the performance of their functions and can use them only for the purpose of performing these services on behalf of AL LAGO SNC or to comply with legal regulations. The updated list of third-party suppliers, operating as data processors pursuant to art. 28 GDPR, is available by request at [email protected]. - with judicial authorities and administrative bodies: where permitted or required by the law, AL LAGO SNC may share the data requested by the judicial authority, by an administrative body or by a government body in order to protect or exercise the rights of AL LAGO SNC or third parties, or to comply with legal obligations.

8. Changes to the information

This information may be amended to reflect legislative and technological changes, changes in the collection and use of data, commercial initiatives or to allow us to add new features. In case of modifications, AL LAGO SNC will notify the User and the Customer: (i) through an announcement published on the main page of the Site and / or (ii) adopting any other action that AL LAGO SNC will consider appropriate. The User and the Customer are invited to consult the Site periodically for updates. Any changes made will take effect from the moment of their publication, and browsing the Site after such time will be considered as an acceptance of these changes. Last updated 23 October 2018

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